Amy E. Ford

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Hi. I'm Amy!

Have you ever heard a voice, deep inside, whispering there is 

Something More? 

I’ve always known that there was something more. As a young girl growing up in a rural community, a lover of books, I could sense something deeper in the world around me. As I grew, I began to understand that something was foundational to the entire universe … a thread knitting everything together. 

I followed that voice into the field of professional counseling, where I desired to help people create something beautiful out of their pain. I learned that despite the utter devastation of loss, there is always hope – and I learned how to help people find that hope. Connection and relationship was the way – the path to which that voice had beckoned since my early childhood.   


All of us, woven together.  

Love is that Something More.

I write about hard things – stress, pain, loss, and grief. But I also write about hope, love, beauty, and joy. Because this is what God designed us for; they are the redemption of the inevitable darkness that we experience in this lifetime.  


It is my sincerest desire that you will find inspiration and healing in the pages of my books. I wrote them for you. Hope is always a possibility.